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Humanity's excuses for boring sex just ran out. Finally a premium sex app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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Sex is Fun Podcast Episode 339, “Sex & Technology

Leading science podcast, “The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe,” showed some love to Dr. SexyTime during their live show at The Amaz!ing Meeting 2012. Listen to the episode here, and subscribe to the SGU to start getting “excited” about science!

Press and Reviews: What they’re whispering.

CNET Crave Blog: Dr. Sexytime gets your iPhone into the sack

Thrillist Review:  The second-best app ever, by far

Geek Sugar:  Updated Dr. SexyTime App Coaches You Through Famous Movie Sex Scene Reenactments

Version 1 Press Release: New iPhone App ‘SexyTime’ Brings Science into Bedroom, Keeps Getting Smarter about Sex

Version 2 Press Release: “Dr. SexyTime” App Offers Virtual Bedside Sex Coaching to iPhone Users, Including Famous Movie Sex Scene Reenactments

Android Press Release: Advanced Sex App “Dr. SexyTime” Now on Android; Uses Science for Smarter Sex

Please Note: Android sale has ended, the app is a premium paid app.

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